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Water Quality Monitoring and the Water Quality Initiative (2022)

Basic Standards of Care (2022)

The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy – 10 Years and No Progress (2022)

Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy – Policy Solutions to Reduce Nutrient Pollution in Iowa’s Water (2021)

Modernizing Agricultural Drainage Law in Iowa (2020)

The Slow Reality of the Nutrient Reduction Strategy (2019)

Healthy Lands, Healthy Waters: A Watershed Framework for Iowa (2016)

Cultivating Clean Water – State-based Regulation of Agricultural Runoff Pollution (2010)

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Oct. 2023 What does Iowa water quality look like after 10 years with the Nutrient Reduction Strategy?

Oct. 2023 Opinion: Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy

July 2023 Doom & Bloom

June 2023 Letters: Support for conservation isn’t working. Regulation might

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June 2023 2013-2023: A decade of declining water quality in Iowa

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May 2023Reviews mixed as the Iowa plan to cut nutrient runoff reaches 10 years

May 2023Dry years cut nitrate loads in Iowa’s rivers

January 2023Opinion: As Nutrient Reduction Strategy turns 10, why aren’t Iowa’s waters safer and cleaner?


October 2022Voluntary measures may not be enough: Bacteria and algae plague Iowa beaches

August 2022Iowa Environmental Council calls for real action to achieve fertilizer pollution reductions, real progress with Nutrient Reduction Strategy

August 2022Report: IA needs to bolster water-quality monitoring

July 2022Iowa Environmental Council calls for improvement to state’s water quality monitoring initiatives

March 2022The trickle-down effect of agriculture in Iowa

February 2022About half of Iowa’s assessed waterways listed as impaired in biannual DNR report

February 2022Iowa DNR lists more than 700 waterways as impaired


June 2021Study: Nitrate contamination in water more likely to affect lower income communities in Iowa